Since 2006, my passion has been the study and practice of tribal style belly dance, which can be recognized by its uplifted posture, precise hip and torso movement, and eclectic influences in music and costuming. My expertise is in group improvisation, which means the dancers have a shared vocabulary of movements, along with gestures that tell dance partners what movement is coming next. This enables us to dance together in the moment, completely improvised, creating a new experience every time. It’s exciting to do and a joy to share with others.

I am an 8 Elements Certified Datura Style Teacher and a FatChanceBellyDance® Sister studio.

As a teacher, I guide students to the fulfilling experience of creative flow through dance, and to fall in love with practice and process. My passion is growing a love for the practice of dance that is accessible to anyone who walks into the studio.

As a performer, I share the delight I experience through movement with the audience and show them the beauty of music through dance. My performances are marked by a relaxed, regal presence. I love to play finger cymbals and add excitement to my sets with sword, basket or other props.

I love to collaborate with other dancers! I was a founding member of Transcendence Tribal, a collective created to allow several troupes and soloists to come together for the purpose of sharing in the joy of ATS®. You may also have seen me perform improv and tribal fusion with Sihaya as Verve Tribal. Since 2009, I have performed tribal improv with Kallisti Tribal, the longest-running tribal troupe in Baltimore. One of my proudest accomplishments was my recent participation in KIN, a collaborative production by Barakaat.

If you'd like to book me for a performance or a workshop, please contact me.