Photo by Stereovision Photography   

Photo by Stereovision Photography


Datura Style Technique Workshop: Pelvic Lock Study

Kelly's Herb House401 Headquarters Dr, Ste 102, Millersville, MD 21108

Wednesday, August 8th,  6:30 – 8:30 PM

Datura Style studies are “technique choreographies” that incorporate movement isolations with footwork, arm pathways, as well as dance combinations. These technique studies are challenging and fun to learn! Once mastered, using these studies in regular belly dance practice will help maintain strong technique and make these movements readily available for improvisation or choreography.

The pelvic lock study is a fun one that focuses on pelvic locks front and back. It’s in 9/8 (!!!) which might is way less scary than it sounds, and includes finger cymbals and a Mardi Love inspired shuffle step.

In this two-hour class, you'll learn the whole choreography, as well as techniques for practice so that you can continue perfecting your execution over the coming weeks. You'll also receive a handout with notation for your reference. Music is available for download.

Datura Style Belly Dance will Return in September!

Based on Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Approach to belly dance, Flissy’s Datura style classes are focused on developing healthy posture and solid technique for belly dance. Datura Style Belly Dance is a fusion of American Tribal Style belly dance with influence from American Cabaret belly dance and more.

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General Class policies: No refunds. Make-up classes are available during the enrolled session only. Class passes expire at 90 days after first use. Any class cancellations will be posted via email to enrolled students, posted on this page and on Facebook.


One on One Belly Dance Sessions

A one hour in-person private belly dance class

$75/hr or $250/4-session package

You get:

  • Complementary introductory discussion to identify what you'd like to get out of your private class
  • Feedback on posture and execution of movements
  • Expertise in American Tribal Style® and Datura Style™ belly dance.
  • Specialized instruction in props including sword, basket, and finger cymbals, or other topics as desired.
  • Constructive, supportive feedback about artistry and musicality.
  • Help identifying specific goals and/or a dance practice plan, if desired.
  • Ongoing practice support via email when multiple sessions are booked.