DVD Review: MTV Yoga

So after mentioning the MTV Yoga DVD in my previous review, I figured I should revisit it and give it a review of its own.

I used to practice to this DVD nearly every day when I wasn't able to take yoga classes.  It's a well-balanced vinyasa based practice.  Kristin McGee has an encouraging, personable teaching voice and it's a fun, invigorating workout.  I recommend it for intermediate yogis.  There are some poses in there that are pretty advanced that don't include much instruction, so if you're not familiar with basic standing poses,  Danurasana (bow), and Padangustasana (hand to big toe), this DVD probably isn't for you.

It has a soundtrack that is by techno-dude, BT, which I'm sure was REALLY AWESOME in 2002 when this DVD came out and is "hosted" by Lori, from some incarnation of the Real World.

There is also a brief breakdown of some of the asanas at the end of the DVD.  It's good for a refresher, but Kristin McGee does some hands-on adjustments that I'm sure were helpful to Lori but don't translate well to DVD.  Also, Lori comes out of the poses any old way which is a huge yoga no-no! That's the #1 cause of yoga injuries.  So pretend you didn't see that and come out of your poses as mindfully and carefully as you came into them.

I'm sure there are plenty of more exciting DVDs out by the latest Yoga Superstars but this is still a favorite practice of mine!  If you're comfortable in your yoga foundations, give it a shot!