Meeting the Universe Halfway

I was inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk to conduct my own personal experiment.  She is of the opinion that creative genius is closer to the ancient Roman/Greek opinion that creativity is at least partially divinely inspired.  She goes on to describe a low point writing when Eat, Pray, Love that she ended up saying out loud, "I have put everything I have into into this, and if it fails, it's not entirely my fault, I showed up for my part. If you want it to be better, you have to show up for your part of the deal.  If not, I will still keep writing because that is my job."

This concept isn't new to me, as I have seen other creatives take a similar position, but her story really grabbed me in a way that inspired me to put it into action.  I'll show up at the drawing board, the mat, the sewing table, the dance floor.  I'll be present, I'll put energy into what I'm doing whether I initially "feel like it" or not, and I'll have faith that the universe will meet me halfway.  Isn't that what yoga is anyway? Union with the Divine?  Being present and open?

I'll tell you straight up... the fruits of my yoga practice have been really sweet lately.  I haven't changed my asanas at all, but I have changed my attitude.  Lo and behold, it's opening up opportunity for growth in my dancing and transforming my everyday perspective to be much more positive.

Can you put your faith in something greater than yourself?