Open Letter to the Duke

To The Duke*:

I have come to realize that in spite of your advertised weight being a mere seven pounds, you seem to make my yoga bag about fifty pounds heavier.  Therefore, your permanent home will be in my studio, where I'm sure you will get to be good friends with your partners, the Zafu and Zabuton,** who also live there.  You will serve me much better there by giving stability to the plush carpet for those tricky balancing poses.  When I come back from doing yoga away from home, I will appreciate that extra inch of room you give me for my hands in down-dog even more.  So don't be jealous when you see me leaving with that ratty old mat that the cats have clawed to pieces.  It's just that she weighs next to nothing. 

You're the best.  Thanks for understanding.

With love,
The Om Chantress

*The Duke is my giant yoga mat, a Manduka.
**These are meditation cushions.