Getting Inspired!

I just got back from yet another excellent dance workshop with tribal dance duo, Kassar, and my sweet yoga friend, Ali, of n.o.madic tribal.  It was such an inspiring weekend that challenged my brain, spirit, and body.  Doing these dance workshops, along with the ATS General Skills training reminds me that I am a lot stronger and more capable than I realize in my day-to-day practice.  A teacher of mine once said that we do things for our teachers that we do not do for ourselves.  It's so easy to fall into a rut, sometimes without even noticing, when you are just practicing on your own.  This is why it's so wonderful to attend classes, to challenge yourself, play your edge, and see where you can go in your practice.

Inspiration in your practice can come from many places.  Recently a friend of mine joined a new yoga class and is excited by the challenge.  I'm joining her in a sort of informal asana-off working towards pincha mayurasana.  It's a pose that, honestly, I've never really attempted, but will be really fun to work on!

Here's what my pincha mayurasana prep sequence looks like:
Sun salutations
Standing pose flow
Dolphin with pushups OR chaturanga prep (plank on forearms)
Seated shoulder openers
Supta Virasana/Reclining Hero
Sirsasana/Headstand OR Adho Mukha Vrksasana/Handstand
Ardha Pincha Mayurasana (Eventually full Pincha Mayurasana will go here!)
Janu SIrsasana/Head of Knee Pose
Reclining Twist