Rock on, Hanuman

I've been working on hanumanasana (The Yoga Splits) recently.  Hanuman (aka The Monkey God) was the devoted servant of Rama.  When Rama's lady, Sita, was kidnapped, Hanuman leapt from south India across the sea to Sri Lanka to find her.  The pose is inspired by this gigantic leap. 

Cool story, right?  I mean, that alone makes me want to do the splits!

I have had a couple dreams in which I executed hanumanasa to the fullest expression.  It happened with such clarity that I actually would go to my studio in the morning and try it out.  You know, just in case my hamstrings were divinely inspired to grow overnight.  Unfortunately, they're as tight and uncooperative as ever and I have to make modifications and work on the pose like a normal person.  At least while I'm warming up my body and easing into the pose I can envision myself as a leaping monkey-goddess, even if my body's not quite on board yet.

Take a listen to MC Yogi's take on this great story!  Rock on my monkey friends!