Tapas: Dance version

One of the many things that I absolutely love about my yoga students is that every week they totally BRING IT!  They are on fire!  I will say "Let's all try this crazy new advanced asana!" and they are 100% on board! I love it!  Even if they don't reach the classical, full expression of the pose, every week they play the edge of the full expression for them, on that day.

I've been thinking about how I can apply this fire to my dance practice and performance.  As I mentioned yesterday, this is a big dance week! Allow me to state for the record that it is only Tuesday and I am already sore! I've already packed in some intense asana and dance practice and have more to throw down before the week is out!  Sometimes it is hard to suck it up and practice when I'm tired, sore, cranky or not feeling it.

What is really pushing me through this week is knowing that, just as I can see the tapas in my students, other people can see that in me when I dance.  My best performances are when I'm totally in the moment, enjoying the company of my troupemates, and giving 100% of myself.  On the other hand, my weaker performances are when I've allowed something to shake me up, my mind is anxious or distracted and in turn, my body looks flat and uncommitted.

So my goal this week is to hang on to that fire and inspiration so I can shine it right back out on Saturday!