Sharing my Dance Hair Secrets

I just got back from a fantastically great evening performing at my friend and dance partner's wedding reception!  Performing is super fun, but it is also a ton of work, and it takes forever to get into tribal costuming and makeup because we wear so many layers of goodies.  Finally, I am gaining some mastery over my hair.  I rock pretty much the same basic look and I can decorate it as needed to match the rest of my costuming.

Here's everything that goes onto my head:

Dancer Droppings - Hair

Here's the finished look:

Big Tribal Hair Detail

Initially I used this video tutorial to figure out how to do basic sock buns.  I totally rock this look for streetwear if I want my hair up.  It's very easy and a great foundation for building the big hair needed to balance out all the stuff I have around my hips, so I don't look like a pinhead in performance.

So, in spite of the fact that my hair is the longest it's ever been, it's still not thick enough to really make big buns, even over the socks.  So I made some falls of fake hair and a bit of yarn.  I attach these around my pigtails, then pull them through the sock along with my real hair.  For the cowrie falls, I recently discovered that the best way to manage these is to pin them to the sock and allow them to hang close to the scalp (don't pull them through the sock).  Hair sticks can be skewered underneath the sock.  I can do all this pretty quickly now, and it only requires a couple bobbypins to secure it. 

My next thing in my ongoing quest for speed is maybe attaching the falls directly to the sock.  I'm not quite sure how this would work, but it would be nice to minimize the steps to big tribal hair!