Sometimes I am amazed by how everything in my life is so connected.  Unintentionally (or maybe subconsciously?) I've spun a web wherein all my passions are intertwined, and I can float along on all of this creative goodness no matter what I'm doing.

Friday night I went to an AcroYoga workshop.  It was seriously the most fun I've had in an asana practice, maybe ever.  I could not stop smiling the entire time I was there!  So fun!

Acroyoga blends the practice of yoga with acrobatics (obviously) as well as Thai massage.  For the workshop, we did a brief warm up both individually and then working with partners, then we jumped right in to working on inversions with a partner.  Working with a spotter on my inversions was really helpful to me for identifying some alignment issues I need to work out.  After the inversions, we went flying!  The basic flying practice consists of a "base" a flyer, and a spotter.  The base lays on his/her back with legs and hands up.  For the sequence we did, the "flyer" has his/her hips on the base's feet to move through postures.  To close the practice, we did some very basic Thai massage on each other.  Yummy!

The reason the flying part of Acroyoga "works" is bone-stacking.  This is something that works for an individual asana practice, too!  When our skeleton is stacked in alignment, the bones are doing the work of supporting our weight, and the muscles are just assisting in stability.  With a bone-stacked foundation, I can lift and hold a person bigger than me with virtually no additional effort.  It's yoga magic!

The real magic of Acroyoga is not just the yoga stunts, it's the connection with your fellow practitioners.  It's fun to smile and share energy with a yoga friend, building trust in addition to the physical and spiritual connection.  This is lila in action!

The full practice of acroyoga, includes improvisation with your partner, and in the case of this beautiful video of the founders, partnered, non-verbal improv to live music.  Is it any wonder I'm in love?