On Being a Student

Recently I have treated myself by attending a few classes.  It started when I was on vacation in Florida, where I dropped in on a Power Vinyasa class at M Body in Jacksonville Beach.  It was wonderful getting some magical adjustments that I know I needed and couldn't give myself.  YUM.  Since I've been back, I've dropped in on my colleague's Fluid Strength class (a fun fusion of dance and yoga), another AcroYoga workshop, and, with my dance partner, took a private lesson with Belladonna.

I love that I can get fresh insight into my own practice just by experiencing how other teachers present their material.  This is why I never mind going to a beginner's yoga or dance class!  I can always get a little (or big!) bit of information that can shed new light into a pose or movement.  It's also so nice to just show up for a class, without having to plan for it and without having to be "on" for my students.  I can just be present and go with the flow.  Even when I am at home practicing, I get caught up thinking about how I might incorporate what I'm doing into a class, and so that opportunity to let go and be with my own practice also helps me refuel as a teacher.  So, for once, I've got my lesson plans for the week completed EARLY!  I should really keep this up!