Product Shout-Out: Mac Fluidline

I must interrupt the usual thought-provoking blog content with an important product review.

MAC Fluidline!  How did I live so long without this product?  I have been rocking the cat eye liner look since I was a teenager!  Originally I was a devotee of some Maybelline liquid liner, but the formula changed probably 8 years ago and I tried a handful of products until I eventually landed on Fluidline, the Holy Grail of Eyeliner.  I can get an absolutely perfect swoosh with an angled liner brush.  It does not budge all day, and Blacktrack is BLACKBLACKBLACK, which makes it ideal for everyday as well as performance.  It is every bit as good as it is reputed to be, so if you use liner get yourself some! 

OK back to your regularly scheduled asana sequences and anatomy freak-outs!