ATS GS, again!

I'm just sitting down after four days of bellydance training!  I went through another round of American Tribal Style General Skills with Carolena of Fat Chance Belly Dance & Megha of Devyani.  After my first GS last summer, I was on fire to fully commit myself to the study of ATS and soak up as much as possible.  I took it this time with a special intention to prepare for Teacher Training certification in San Francisco this November.

I feel so fortunate to have shared this experience with my dance partner, Chris, as well as with the super dedicated and fun-loving DC dance community.  It was, again, a magical experience and I loved every minute of it!  One one hand, this GS really solidified my confidence in my dancing and my ability to present ATS to my students.  On the other hand, I am surprised by nuances that I overlooked, challenged by movements I don't use often enough, and enlightened by new perspectives on concepts.  I'm freshly motivated and as always, I'm humbled and inspired by Carolena.

I think the only reason I was able to hold back tears this time around is that I know I will be seeing Megha again in July and Carolena in November!  I am so, so excited for Teacher Training.  I can't wait.  I so fully believe in ATS, and I am so eager to bring up new dancers who may learn to love it as much as I do!