The Biz of Yoga, again.

With two weeks of crazy dance time behind me, we're now back to regularly scheduled yoga blogging.  Now I direct your attention to Yoga Dork where you will find a fantastic interview with Sadie Nardini

Straight up I'll tell you I have always been a fan of Sadie Nardini.  I love her You Tube Videos, and her unique, no-nonsense voice over at the Huffington Post.

Recently she signed on at YAMA, which is essentially a talent agency that handles yoga teachers.  I definitely noticed a shift in Sadie's already impressive web presence, and it's kind of exciting to see that her yoga is taking her to a whole new level.  A lot of fundamentalist yogis are all a-tizzy about the creation of such a thing being an un-yogic, money-grubbing venture.  I say, why not?!  I'll let you read Sadie's far more eloquent take on the matter, but I'll add that I spent the first year post Yoga Teacher Training floundering around trying to get classes started.  I would still say that I am not 100% successful in managing my own teaching business.  It is really difficult building classes and getting a following, and teaching classes is a total time suck.  Sure I am making a really decent hourly rate, but that does not include my time marketing, creating lesson plans, talking to students, and the twenty minutes I spend rolling up mats and cleaning up after every class.  Would I like someone to help me to manage my life?  YES. Totally.  In fact, I hope to have the problem when I am too busy to handle all of the teaching and performance gigs I would like to do, so that I can hand over the logistics to a professional, and I can dedicate my time to developing my skills as a teacher and serving my students.  Isn't that what we all want? To live our passion, and for it to be sustainable?