Personal Practice

One of the exciting benefits of my teacher training program was getting to know a diverse group of yogis who all had different approaches to their practice.  I am alway curious about what excites people about yoga, and how they practice.  Do you go to classes?  Do you practice at home with DVDs or books or just by your own creativity?  Do you have a routine that you stick to or is it freeform?

My practice has definitely ebbed, flowed, shifted, and advanced over time.  During my teacher training program, I maintained a morning sun salutations practice.  After a while that practice dropped off, and instead I usually did my yoga in the late morning or early afternoon, depending on my schedule and my inclinations.  I've been stuck in a rut so I decided to pick it back up again.  I forgot how much I loved this practice! I get up, have a big glass of water, set an intention, and then hit the mat for 12 rounds of sun salutations.  It takes about 20 to 30 minutes, and I am refreshed and set up with a better attitude for the whole day.  It's invigorating but gives me room to continue if I am feeling energized, and I'm more inclined to revisit my asana practice later in the day if I have time because I know how good it feels.

In the end, that's really all I want out of yoga... I want to feel good inside and out.  How about you?  If you're stuck in a rut or don't know where to start, share your hangups, too!

At the end of this month, I'll be teaching a DIY Yoga workshop all about building a personal yoga practice.  I've attached a flyer you can download if you are local!  If you are not currently a member of Life Time Fitness, contact me and I can get you a guest pass for the day.

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