Kallisti Tribal Inappropriate Hafla!

In case you missed the news fromt Kallisti Tribal....

The 4th Annual Kallisti Tribal Inappropriate Hafla!

A Whole Afternoon of “OMFG DID YOU SEE THAT!!???!!” Enjoyment.

Saturday, September 4th
1 p.m. for Vending/Hangouts, 2 p.m. Show.
Stay until we kick you out.

Rain or shine!

NOTE: Location has changed from previous years!!!
5005 Arabia Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21214

Join us for a day of bellydance oddity, undulationious debauchery and just plain bad taste. Come prepared with delicious foods, drinks, a blanket. Leave your common decency at home.

Want to be a part of the scandal?  Fill out an application to claim a dance spot.  First come, first serve!

For Vending Opportunities, email Lyra.

There will also be a free/swap dance stuff box if you have any items you want to unload.

This is an outdoor event , so plan accordingly. Come a bit early to snag a space with some shade. You are welcome to bring your own chairs/blankets/whatever you need to sit and be comfy as it can get pretty packed (we hope). Parasols, sun block, and bug spray recommended.

Everyone is encouraged to being food/drinks to share, or at least to take care of yourself.

Feel free to bring hula hoops, poi, bubbles, or any other fun lawn toys for general hanging out.

Though we love the kiddies, this hafla is for adults only. Since some content may not be suitable for children, we are asking that no one under 16 years old attend. Not that we're planning for crazy, full on nekkid, but we want performers to feel comfortable with doing more risque or racy pieces. So, sorry, but the little ones need to stay at the homestead.