What I did on my Thumber Vacation

Three weeks ago I crushed my thumb in a grisly accident that doesn't need repeating.  I fractured the bone so I am still in the process of healing.

I am just now letting go of anger and frustration about injuring myself.  I was really mad about it because so many simple things were difficult or impossible for me to do, that's all I could focus on.  I had no vision for what I could do, and I had a hard time accepting that it would just take time for me to be running full tilt again.  I also realized how much I valued my independence and felt really guilty for counting on my husband to do everything for me (although he was happy to do it!).  I'll be honest and admit that my slightly improved attitude has as much to do with the physical healing and being able to do more things as it does with any mental shift on my part.

I've taken the opportunity to work on drilling some dance technique more intensely.  It was easier to ramp up my dance practice than to frustrate myself with trying to erase any hand pressure from my normal asana practice.  Mat time is now reserved for some restoratives and a love affair with Supta Hasta Padangustasana.  I've managed to convince myself that my entire body won't atrophy if I lighten my load for a few weeks, although I'm sure my first few Chatturangas are going to be really pathetic.

I've also been listening to Erich's talks and meditating more, because I was supposed to be doing that all along and with the sudden abundance in my schedule, I really have no excuse.