What I learn from being inappropriate

Last Saturday, my troupe, Kallisti Tribal, hosted our annual Inappropriate Hafla, a crazy event where all the bellydancers come out and dance to all the silly, naughty and otherwise outrageous things we'd never be able to do in an ordinary public setting.

For both pieces I danced in this year, I had to really ham it up.  This is so hard for me!  I think I have a highly developed sense of "self" and acting in any capacity does not come easily to me AT ALL.  My mom has told me that there's no way I ever would have gotten away with anything "bad" when I was little because I would be so stricken with guilt, she could see it on my face right away.  I'm reserved and yet I'm an open book.  Typically, this isn't an issue when I perform dance, because usually the only expression that is required is a pleasant one, which comes easily because I'm happy and excited and having a good time when I dance. 

Anytime I have an assignment in a workshop to emote or work on my face, it's a struggle for me, so you shouldn't be surprised to hear that for the entire time I was rehearsing these numbers, I felt ridiculous, and was certain I looked just as stupid as I felt hamming it up.  Turns out, it totally works for what we did!  It was a really good exercise for me.  I don't think I'm going to be diving headfirst into the world of theatrical bellydance anytime soon, but I'm still kind of proud of myself for cracking my rock-solid dignified tribal presentation and getting some laughs in the process.

Here are the results: