Arm and Shoulder Rockstar Warm-up

It's been a while since I've posted a sequence!  I want to work towards some challenging arm balances in my practice, so I cooked up a killer warmup to strengthen arms, shoulders, and core.

Start in Balasana, arms overhead, bring awareness to shoulders and upper back.
Downward Facing Puppy
Table Twist x5
On last twist, stay down on right shoulder, lift left arm up and draw circles with your fingers facing the ceiling.  Repeat on other side.
Sphinx Pose (10 breaths or more)
Dolphin Plank (10 breaths or more)
Walk feet in to Dolphin
Dolphin pushups (2 sets)
Rest in Balasana
Chatturanga pushups (2 sets)
Rest in Balasana
Downward Facing Dog pushups (2 sets)
Rest in Balasana
Salambasana (10 breaths or more)
Danurasana (10 breaths or more)
Navasana High-Low-High (Boat pose -- slowly lower and hover a few inches from floor and pull back up)
Lower and hug knees to chest