Crazy Spring Adventure Practice!

I don't know if it's the weather or what, but I am totally craving being upside-down lately.  Here's a super-fun practice that celebrates springtime with a cleansing and challenging twisting balance sequence, peppered with inversions and other surprises!  If you're still working up to these poses, you might want to add in some more shoulder openers to the warm-up.  You can also check out this sequence for another invigorating practice also featuring twists (minus the inversions).

Table Twist (from tabletop, exhale and feed palm between opposite wrist and knee) x5
Downward-Dog Splits (inhale) to Knee-to-Chest in Plank (exhale) x3 each leg
Vinyasa (Plank to Chatturanga to Upward Facing Dog)

Adventure #1
1-2 Rounds of Sun Salutes with Warrior 1 (in Warrior 1, allow your back hip to open and focus on spinning your heart and shoulders to face forward)
Shakti Kicks (video)
Handstand at Wall (kick up a few times! try balancing away from the wall!)

SuperStar Standing Twist Sequence
Hold each of these for at least 5 breaths
Trikonasana (triangle) to Ardha Chandrasana (half-moon)
Land in Parsvatanasana (intense side stretch)
Revolved Triangle to Revolved Half Moon

Step back to Downward dog, take a vinyasa, then do it again to other side!  WHEE!

Wrap the sequence up with an easy forward fold.  YUM!

Headstand! Just for fun!  Hold it freestanding as long as you like.

Bring it on down to the floor.

I like wrapping up those crazy standing poses with Supta Hasta Padangustasana (hand-to-big toe) with the help of a strap, focusing on rooting both hips down to the floor to help stabilize the SI joint.