Meditation Tidbits

Hey Friends!  I know I'm behind on the meditation summer camp!  I was ACTUAL summer camp ... well not really, but I was at the beach for a week!  There's nothing better than sitting and walking by the ocean waves.

I'll get a new podcast episode up this week.  In the meantime, here are a few resources to help your meditation practice:

How to Sit for Meditation by Amy Ippoliti:
[youtube]  If you're having difficulty getting physically comfortable in to meditate, Amy has some great alignment pointers in this brief video.  Don't forget you can also use a chair, the sofa, or prop yourself up with some pillows in bed!  That totally counts. 

Erich Schiffmann's Talks: Erich has a ton of talks available to download for free.  He does an excellent and inspiring job of explaining what it means to meditate and why you should do it.  He also assigns "homework", and gives generally awesome life-affirming lectures.  Also check out his main website, Freedom Style Yoga.

iPhone Apps:

  • imeditate with Erich Schiffmann:  This is my favorite app to help me keep up my meditation practice when I travel.  You can choose a talk and a duration, and a bell will ring at the end of the practice.  $4.99
  • Ambience: I use this app when I teach meditation classes at the gym to help mask the sound of all the banging and grunting.  There's a huge library of ambient sounds you can download and mix into playlists.  Also, the nature sounds are nice for helping you fall asleep!  $2.99
  • Insight Timer:  I just downloaded this one and haven't tried it out yet, because I don't usually time my meditation practice.  This looks like a nice timer, a little fancier than the one that comes standard in the iPhone utilities.  $1.99

Let me know if you have any favorite meditation resources to share!  I'll be back with a podcast later this week!