Alter Ego Workshops & Hafla September 24th

Alter Ego Workshop

I'm super excited to be a part of the Alter Ego Workshops and Hafla! I'm teaching a workshop on yoga for bellydancers. We'll be exploring meditation and simple exercises to get you moving from a more inspired place.

It started as a simple question on Facebook: If you could explore a dance alter ego, what would it be?

In this spirit of experimentation, some of the best regional teachers have created workshops to challenge you, set you free and let you explore your flipside. It's an event like Baltimore's never known and sure to expand you as a dancer, performer and persona.

Workshops by Belladonna, Eugenia, Flissy, Lyra & Spiral, Makeda Maysa, Naimah, & Shems!
And one rocking hafla, Saturday 9/24, doors at 7:30pm. Hafla tickets are $15.

Workshops: $35/each, with special weekend and multiple workshop packages!

Yoga for Letting Go of Your Ego
Saturday, September 24th, 4-5:30pm

Yoga can be helpful cross-training for bellydance not only to generate strength and maximize range of motion, but also to liberate the mind so that creativity can flow more freely and projection in performance can be improved. The practice will include exercises that will help you erase tension from your body and mind, and improve your awareness of how your body likes to move. The workshop will culminate in a freeform practice so you can experiment with your newfound self-expression, followed by a brief discussion. Please bring a yoga mat.