Asana: Core Transformer Vinyasa

Hey friends!  I’m back from vacation, and I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t do much asana while I was away.  I worked out with my husband in the resort gym, and did a little bit of yin.  That was pretty much it.  I’m OK with that. I’ve been super busy with dance and yoga stuff all year and I needed a break both for my body and for my mind.  Yesterday, I must have had some kind of crazy streak because I went to my colleague’s Ashtanga class, went home and banged out some choreography for an hour or so, then taught a fiery-fierce hot vinyasa class.  Yeah I’m totally sore today.  LOL.  When I’m going full tilt all the time, I know my body is constantly transforming and rearranging itself little by little every day, but it requires taking a break and jumping back in to fully appreciate the fact that, OH YEAH, this asana stuff totally works!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an asana sequence, so here you go!

Core transformer!

This sequence focuses on the core, especially the obliques.  It’s a great practice for fall -- it builds heat in this cooling weather and the twisting is super refreshing for your entire body!

Start with a little chakravakasana or your choice of gentle warmup.

Sadie’s Spinning Core Planks

  • Inhale right leg high
  • Exhale knee to chest AS you bring your shoulders over your wrists.
  • Inhale right leg high, exhale knee to the outside of your right elbow
  • Inhale right leg high, bring your knee towards the opposite elbow
  • IEach way again!
  • IWhen your knee gets to your opposite elbow again, HOLD it there for at least one more breath.  Straighten your leg and keep it hovering if you’re crazy.
  • Inhale leg high, then step it back to down dog.
  • Do the other leg

Oblique Parsvakonasana Vinyasa

  • Inhale right leg high.  Exhale step into a lunge.  Inhale rise up into a high lunge.
  • Exhale open up to warrior II.  Take your arms overhead like you’re holding a big beach ball. As you exhale, reach your beachball towards the front of the room.  Inhale back up.
  • Repeat five times, then hold yourself hovering over your right leg.  Spin your heart open to the sky more! Stay long in your spine!  Five breaths here!
  • Inhale high, then exhale and spin back to down dog.
  • Do the other leg!

Slightly Evil Twisting Vinyasa

  • Step or jump your feet forward and come into utkatasana (chair).
  • From utkatasana, take your hands together at your heart.  Inhale lengthen your spine, exhale twist to the right.  Inhale center, exhale twist to left.  BUT! Don’t take your elbow to your knee.  Keep your knees squeezing together, hips stay anchored in place.
  • Repeat five times!
  • OK, now you can take your elbow to the top of your right thigh near your knee.  Inhale lengthen your spine.  Exhale maybe twist a little more.  Root down through your right foot.  Inhale keep your right leg exactly as it is and take a big step back with your left foot so you land in a twisted lunge.  Five breaths! You can open your arms like wings here if you like.
  • Inhale, stay in your lunge.  Press into your feet and with an inhale, rise back up and spin open to Warrior II.  Five breaths!  Om namah shivaya!
  • With an exhale spin back to down dog.
  • Do the other leg!

Pizza Slice Janu Sirsasana (I may have made up this pose)

  • From down-dog, bring your knees to the floor and press back to a seat with both legs straight in front of you. Open your legs medium wide (about 90 degrees... like a big pizza slice, you see!)
  • Take the ball of your left foot and place it to the inside of your right thigh.  Press your left hand into your left hip crease, and take the back of your right hand to the inside of your right thigh. Inhale lengthen your spine, exhale slide your hand down your thigh as you fold.  Look for the place that gives you a nice stretch on the left side of your back, and hang out there for 30 seconds - one minute.  Keep those straight leg toes pointed to the sky!
  • Do the other leg! Yin out in saddle (aka supta virasana) for 3-5 minutes to stabilize the sacrum
  • OR hang out in happy baby or your favorite symmetrical pre-savasana poseSavasana!Let me know if you try this one and let me know what you think!
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