Home Practice

Anyone want to share what your current practice is like?

Generally, both my yoga and dance practice are pretty freeform.  I don't have a set time or routine.  Sometimes I do one long practice, sometimes I break it up.  Sometimes I do just yoga or just dance.  That being said, I have found it very helpful, at various times to create a system and then I can get back to the freeform with a little more inspiration, dedication and direction.  It's also easier for me to actually see the progress I'm making.

Right now, my major dance goal is to prepare for Rachel Brice's 8 Elements training in April (!!!!)  I know it's going to be pretty intense and so the thing I want to be able to do is get tot he point where I can pick up choreography and be able to absorb material more quickly so I can get the most out of my time there.  I think one way I can accomplish this is to drill isolations, footwork, and arm patterns in all kinds of combinations so I have a greater movement vocabulary to pull from and can put it together without having to think so hard about it.  I'm going to mainly focusing on Rachel Brice's drills and combos, because it's her training and want to be used to her approach, but I'm also going to create my own drills and work with some of my other DVDs to help me out.  Taking classes with Bella is helpful for this, too, because I'm forced to break out of my normal way of moving.

So! Monday thru Friday, my home practice starts at 2pm.  My goal is to spend 2-4pm on practice time.  It's my time to drill, dance, do some asana, and if I'm totally beat, I can also take time to watch performances, read, listen to music, or do other development.  Saturdays and Sundays I teach and are otherwise dedicated to quality time with the hubs.  I'll report back with how it's going!