ATS Bellydance Mixer: November 19th!

ATS Mixer.jpg

Transcendence Tribal presents an ATS Mixer! This an open practice for the curious to the experienced in American Tribal Style Bellydance!

Have you taken or observed a few classes, danced from video, or attended Tribal Pura or ATS General Skills workshops? Have you wished there were more opportunities to just play and exchange this dance vocabulary with others? The ATS mixer is a low-key event for dancers to flex their improv muscles outside of class or performance in an relaxed, sharing environment. No pressure, no recital, no judgement, no costumes, just time to mingle and dance with the far flung MD/DC/NoVa community.

Dancers should come prepared to freely improv with others based on their comfort level in American Tribal Style (ATS) as established by Fat Chance Bellydance (FCBD). Beginners are welcome! While we recognize the many beautiful variations created tribal improv, we suggest leading only with ATS moves so that we can dance with the confidence and ease that comes with sharing a single vocabulary.

$5 donation (or what you can) is appreciated to help us run this and future events!

Need to practice? Check out the instructional DVDs at or look up one of our local ATS teachers! (like me!!!)