Verve Tribal Bellydance Photoshoot with Stereovision

Verve Stereovision 3

A few weeks ago, my dance partner, Christina and I had a photoshoot with Carlo & Elise at StereoVision Photography.  We did three different "looks" and the other two are very different, so stay tuned for more!  I'll add everything to this Flickr set.

It was a super awesome experience.  Carlo & Elise were fantastic to work with. I'd never done a pro photoshoot before (that is, except for the "glamor shots" I had done when I got my braces off at 14), so I was a little nervous.  So, before the shoot, I consulted with a makeup artist, my dance colleagues, and the BHUZ forums for some photo tips.  Here are a few things that were really helpful to us:

  • Brainstorm poses and moves ahead of time.  We had a list of poses that we wanted to use and could refer to that when we were stumped.  Verve Tribal, in addition to being smoking-hot bellydancers, are masterminds at organization, so we had all our costumes neatly organized in bundles which streamlined our changes.
  • Bring music.  This might be obvious, if you're a dancer.  We did dance as the photographers worked, and we also held poses, sometimes at our photographers' request, and sometimes by our own choosing. Music also helped me relax and get into the dancing spirit.
  • Airspun Translucent Powder.  Wait isn't that grandma makeup?  Yes.  And it is the bomb.  I  had been using the MUFE HD powder, but the mica makes my face overly glowy in photos.  The Airspun looks creamy, sets the rest of my makeup, and can also be piled on under eyes to "catch" eye shadow dropout when we changed looks.  Also, most importantly, it's only about $5.  Get yourself some!!!
  • Pack a snack. This goes without saying if you're me.  Turns out swanning around looking fabulous for six hours is hard work!  Have some snacks and plenty of water to keep your energy up and refuel when you're done.

But mostly, I have to credit Carlo & Elise for making us look fantastic.  They gave helpful feedback the whole time and they made a long day really fun and easy with their sweet, relaxed, and professional attitude.  Also they have an adorable pug named Lucille, who totally helped.  Overall, it was a great experience and I can't wait to share the rest of our photos!