Faerie Ring Dance Collective at Spoutwood Fairie Fest!

Spoutwood Fairie Fest 2012

Transcendence Tribal presents special performances as the Faerie Ring Dance Collective at the Spoutwood Fairie Fest

Transcendence Tribal Bellydance Collective brings together dancers, soloists as well as representatives from several troupes, to create performances imbued with passion, fun, and friendship. Grounded in group improvisational tribal style bellydance, Transcendance Tribal weaves together our various styles into a magical expression of the joy of dance. Much of what you will see is improvised as we take cues from the music and each other to create a choreography in the moment.  Every show will be unique!

Saturday 2pm Wandering Performance at 2pm (probably up on Frodo's Hill)

Saturday 4pm at Frodo's Stage

Sunday 4pm at the Maypole Stage

Join us for the performance and stay for a little open dancing afterwards. Kubiando!

Find us online!