What I learned from Physical Therapy

If you’ve followed my blog for some time, you might be aware that I have a history of SI issues.  Today, I was released from a month-long adventure in physical therapy treating misalignment in my sacrum.  Yay!

Here is what I have gathered, between talking to my physical therapist, a yoga therapist, and observing my own movement patterns:

I have the same problem as everyone else.  My core is weak.  My outside muscles are strong and gripping and attempting to take over.  My theory is that because they are different types of muscles, and way deeper indeed, it's hard to feel exactly what is going on. When my PT had me isolate right from left and intentionally work on firing my core FIRST before recruiting external muscles... what a difference.  If I am dealing with these issues, I'm sure my students are too, which gives me a lot to think about.

I'm also participating in a challenge to go through all the practices in Gary Kraftstow's Yoga For Wellness.  Doing the PT along with the viniyoga sequences are reminding me how wonderful a simple practice is.  It’s all about focusing on the breath and observing the details of every movement to bring everything into alignment. I think I had gotten away from this in my own practice because I felt like I was always preparing for something: teaching classes or training my body for performances.  I was doing yoga, but not really, you know ... doing yoga.  Yikes.  I was talking to Erich at the end of last weekend's workshop and was reflecting to him that I hadn't realized how much I had closed in on myself until I took the time to seriously sit over the weekend.  The good news, he says, is that it's an upward spiral, not a roller coaster.  When you notice yourself getting off track, each time you get back on, it gets easier and you're further along than when you started.  I can feel already that (as usual) he’s right.  I’ve learned so much in just a few weeks.  I’m loving my practice again. it’s not particularly thrilling, but  it's my own and I’m keeping it real.