Yogini Travel Essentials, Continued

Are your hitting the road for the holidays?  Here is another installment of my Travel Essentials.  Go back and read part one if you missed it!

Travel Essentials:

Wool. I’m a knitter so I already have a healthy appreciation for wool.  When we went to Yosemite this summer, my husband I bought a whole bunch of lightweight merino for hiking because it is great for regulating your temperature as it's both breathable and warm.  It’s resistant to stinkiness, is easy to wash and dries quickly.  By far, my favorite brand is Icebreaker because the fabric is rugged enough for hiking but stylish enough for general wear.  I also picked up the Villa Dress in red, which is now my official travel dress.

One wrap to rule them all.  I’m still on the search for this thing.  In the meantime, I’ve had my eye on the Lucy Om-Azing scarf, and will bring a wool or cotton shawl depending on the weather.

Nikon J-1 I love this camera.  We are apparently Nikon people, because we also have a D-7000.  The D-7000 takes amazing photos, but when we were hiking, it was a little too heavy and bulky to deal with carrying and pulling in and out of the pack. I have no problem keeping the J-1 over my shoulder and ready while hiking, and as a result took way more photos with that on our big hike at Yosemite.  It’s also small enough to stash in my purse.  It takes great photos and video and is easy to use.  The little 10mm pancake lens would be even more compact for travel.  I know a lot of people use their phone to take photos, and I do too, but I like the control and quality a “real” camera offers.

Here’s a photo hubs took with J-1.  I’m modeling a Smartwool top here:


See the rest of our Yosemite photos on Flickr.

Travel Self-Care and Beautification:

Water.  Drink a lot of it, especially if you're flying!

Emergen-C & Tea.  Emergen-C is great for an energy and immune-system boost when my system is stressed from travel.  Add it to all that water your drinking on the plane.  And yeah, I BYOT and will also buy teabags when I get to my destination.  I live in hope that someday properly brewed cup of tea will be as easy to obtain as coffee.

Rinse Skin Stick. Lotions take up precious space in the 3-1-1 bag.  This product is genius.  It’s a solid that comes in a tube that looks like a glue stick that softens when you rub it on your skin.  Awesome.  It’s really moisturizing, and especially great for chapped hands, but not at all greasy or sticky.  The scents are pleasant and not too strong, and it also comes in an unscented version.

Red Lipstick.  Red lipstick instantly makes me feel more dressed up and glamorous.  Buxom Big & Healthy in Barcelona or Lipstick Queen Sinner in Red will do the trick.   See also big sunglasses.

Meditation to-Go:

Do I really need to tell you that you can meditate anywhere?  Still, there are some things to make it  easier, because traveling is stressful, yo.  

Podcasts and Jams. I make sure I load up my pod with episodes of the New World Kirtan Podcast and talks by Erich Schiffmann. Erich's also got an iphone app!  The Ambiance app is also great for drowning out unpleasant noise so to make it easier get some rest.

Mala beads. I hate to admit it, but in spite of the fact that I'm a seasoned traveler, I can also be a nervous one.  It can be really calming to have a go round the mala beads and focusing on the exhales to chill out and get grounded.

Safe travels if you're hitting the road this holiday season!  Share your travel tips with me, too!