Yin Yoga Sequence for Halloween

Who rocked a tiny witch hat teaching yin yoga this morning?  This girl right here!  Ways in which yin yoga is a great practice for Halloween:

  • Skeletons! That's right, y'all, it's all about the bones.  Everyone's bones are different, and that will effect what your poses look like. Looks don't matter!  It's all about what you feel. Are you getting the intended benefit of the pose?  You're good.  If not, change it so you do!
  • You can wear your favorite Halloween themed socks! Generally teachers frown upon socks in yoga classes because your feet will likely slide around instead of grounding into your mat.  We're pretty much just rolling around on the floor, so stay cozy!  Yay for socks!
  • Black Cats!  OK, so it doesn't have to be a black one, but have you ever picked up a cat?  You know how they go all noodle-y and limp?   That's what we're going for in a yin practice.  Totally relaxed.  No effort.

Here's a grounding yin practice that will help keep you from getting spooked this evening!  Start with moving gently and build up to longer holds so you can chill out and be ready to scare up some fun... or sleep like the dead!  Enough halloween clichés?  OK let's get started.

  • Shake out your bones:   Walk around, shake it out.  Do a few cat/cow stretches.  Roll out your shoulders.  Take a few minutes to get just a little warm and limber.
  • Dragon: Knee-down lunge.  Let your hips sink down towards the floor.  Rest your hands on blocks or rest your hands on your front thigh.  Two minutes each side.
  • 1/2 Butterfly: Place one foot to the inside of the other thigh.  Fold forward. Three minutes each side.
  • Prone Twist:  Sidle up next to a bolster or a pile of blankets.  Right hip to the short edge of the bolster, knees can be together or scissored apart.  Lengthen your spine then walk yourself forward, belly down on the bolster.  Four minutes each side.
  • Caterpillar or Dragonfly:  Pick your favorite forward fold.  Five minutes.
  • Sphinx: Lie on your belly and prop yourself up on your elbows.  You might want to start with your elbows forward of your shoulders, and gradually walk them back to intensify the backbend.  Three minutes.
  • Reclined Butterfly:  Sit with the soles of the feet together in front of a bolster or pile of blankets, then slowly lie back.  5 minutes or more.
  • Don't forget a few minutes in Corpse Pose (savasana!) at the end!