Creating a Practice System

Maybe you already practice now and then at home, but you feel stuck or uninspired.  I am here to help.  I apply the same techniques to yoga and dance practice, so I’m sure you can apply and adapt to whatever you want to work on.

First, let's revisit these important questions I mentioned in my last post about practice:

Why do you do Yoga?  What inspires you? What goals do you have?

Also, how often do you want to practice?

From here, you might be able to figure out where yoga is on your priorities.  Is it more or less important than reading  or watching TV? Date night? Cleaning the house? In my world, sleeping for 30 more minutes is more important than getting out of bed and doing yoga first thing in the morning.  I'm OK with that.  Look at your priorities and look at your weekly calendar.  Figure out some times that will work for you.  Try a few and pay attention to the time of day and routine that feels best.  When you figure out what works, make that time sacred because it's space to work on your goals and enjoy the things that inspire you.  It doesn’t have to be a long time.  Just block it out.

Take notes.

Stick with a routine for a while and then check in.  How do you feel about the duration of each session?   Is your routine easy to maintain? Are you enjoying it?  Do you feel like you’re making progress towards your goals?  Is that even important?

I keep a journal of my practice notes that includes:

  • The intention for the session’s practice
  • Details of what I actually did (not always the same as the above!)
  • Yay! (what I am excited about, proud of, goals met)
  • Needs work
  • What I want to do next practice
  • Weekly, monthly, and longer-term goals

As a result, here’s what my daily practice looks like right now:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga asana/conditioning
  • Shimmy drill
  • Technique drills
  • Rehearse troupe stuff, solo play time, etc. according to my goals
  • More yoga

What does your practice look like?