Yoga at Awaken Wellness

On December 1st, there are two opportunities to do some yoga and meditating with me!

$5 Community Yoga

Padmasana 2.jpg

Saturday, December 1st


Only $5, Register Online!

Awaken Wellness, Columbia, MD

This class was born from a desire to reach out to our community and support them in living extraordinary and healthy lives! This community yoga class is designed to offer you an opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation for a very low cost, with exceptionally experienced yoga teachers. The yoga class will be held at Awaken Wellness yoga studio— where you can practice yoga in a safe, clean, quiet and nurturing environment. Need an idea for a fun date, or a healthy family activity? Or would you like to experience a personal awakening of your body and mind to a new possibility of health? This is it!

All levels of fitness are welcome. No previous yoga experience necessary. All yoga equipment is provided.

Yoga and Meditation Workshop


Connect deeply to the core of your being and to the world around you

Saturday, December 1st


$25, Register Online!

Awaken Wellness, Columbia, MD

The complementary practices of yoga and meditation can help you live a more inspired life and experience peace and wellness. Practicing yoga as moving meditation will teach you how to listen to your body and respond accordingly. Learning meditation techniques will connect you more deeply to the core of your being and to the world around you.

In this workshop, we'll explore a variety of meditation techniques, so that you can identify a practice that will be beneficial to you.  We'll practice an asana sequence that will help you prepare your body and mind for seated meditation, as well as explore freeform asana born out of our meditation practice.  Lots of fun that can inspire a new perspective on life!