Broken Ankle

Two weeks ago, I broke my ankle in a rock climbing accident. I went bouldering with my husband at a rock climbing gym. Unlike rock climbing, there's no ropes, just free climbing.  I scrambled up to the top, and on the way back down, I lost my footing and decided to drop off the wall while I was still about six feet up. My right foot missed the mat, and I ended up dislocating and breaking my ankle in two places. You can see in the photo it's now held together with a plate and screws.

I'm so grateful that doctors can put bones back together like this, and it's even more amazing that the body will heal itself if you pretty much just let it be.  I can't have any weight on my leg for a couple more weeks, but I am feeling well enough to do some yoga and conditioning on the floor.  I'm learning a lot about patience and gaining a whole new perspective on practice that I will continue share here and in my classes in the upcoming weeks. 

Check my schedule, where I will be updating my class and performance schedule!