LifePower Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Here's what some of our grads are saying about Life Power Yoga Teacher Training with Jessie & me: 

[Yoga Teacher Training] changed my expectation that the yoga immersion would mainly have an impact on my outer practice, to the extent that the practice would become more important to my inner self. I came to see I could lighten up on the achievement and excelling thing, and accept that the change in my yoga practice would come, with practice. It came to matter less when and if I could balance in a handstand, to whether I could fully occupy my body and breath. That was the gift of LifePower YTT - that yoga was no longer about achieving and expecting but about being. The next gift of it, beyond growing some wonderful new friends, came in that I could share the practice by teaching. That I can share that is now a distinct pleasure and honor!

— Adrian C.

LifePower yoga is extraordinarily powerful at empowering yogis.  It teaches the heart of yoga.  Everyone on the planet could benefit from 12 weeks of getting to know themselves more, learning to breath, teaching others to breath, and practicing daily yoga and meditation.  YTT will change the community of the club and the region as it continues to educate more people.

— Jen G.

On the first day of training, I learned that I was indeed exactly where I was supposed to be. My heart was so happy. Then 200 hours later, week nights filled 4 hours of sleep or so due to my crazy fall schedule, lots of reading (that's pretty awesome and eye opening), and the best yoga mentors and sisters I could ask for… I not only got a lot of learning out of it, but every domain of my life was transformed. 

Just thinking of YTT brings so many different emotions to the surface, and I am beyond grateful and appreciative to Flissy, Jessie, and Anne for the wonderful memories and amazing experience. Even if you do not want to be a teacher of Yoga, or even if you are like me and never even took it on a regular basis and just have an innate inkling to learn more because you are drawn to its practice and teachings, take the leap and do it. I promise 100% that on that final day of training, and many days in-between… you can't imagine your life now without yoga.

— Katie V.


My Life Power Yoga YTT training was an incredible experience. Learning and practicing the yoga philosophy was a challenge but also an incredible experience. Each teacher brought their own flavor to the experience which gave us wider view of yoga philosophy. It really changed the way I view myself, the world, and how I interact with others around me. I can think of very few experiences that can match the 12 week journey me and my fellow trainees made together.

—Josh S.

My opportunity to spend 200 plus hours with you and my YTTs was a blessing. From the true yoga aspect that yoga is all about experiencing a joining of mind, body and soul, my experience was a successful 1000%. Completing this course is one of the proudest accomplishments in my life.  We all came from different positions in life, we shared them and melded to join together to complete this journey -to commitment to learn how to teach the wonderful lessons of  Yoga. YTT has truly taught me to accept discomfort on the mat and I bring that off the mat to help cope with everyday business life. I have learned to meditate - everyday. Thank you to all my teachers including my evolving internal teacher.

Sharon G.

Yoga Teacher Training has changed my life.  When I first considered participating, I thought it would improve my practice and help me with stress. YTT definitely achieved that. Now when I go to yoga class, my overall experience is so much better because of my training. I am also more flexible and stronger thanks to all of that Ashtanga and Vinyassa.

What I didn't expect was the mental strength that surfaced from learning to calm my mind, my ability to have more rewarding relationships with people, and accepting myself for who I am.  I am a better person in the world as a result of it. I really want to go out and share what I have learned with others so that they, too, can have that same buzz about themselves.

But the most important part of my YTT experience is having shared my experience with my new yogi sisters and teachers. I cannot imagine having shared that journey with anyone else. They are extraordinary and were the best part of training. I love them dearly! 

—Thea M.

The yoga adage, "you are exactly where you're supposed to be" could not have been more true in my case when I began Yoga Teacher Training ("YTT") with Flissy and Jessie. What a transformational experience on countless levels!!! I got to learn from two of my favorite yoga teachers and grew with and got to know them and my fellow students who are all-around funny, smart, caring and great people. I also learned more about myself and accepting who I am with my flaws, quirks, strengths, weaknesses and all. It was the best kind of very demanding and intense learning experience that I will always appreciate and never forget. If you are considering joining a YTT program, DO this one. It (the lessons, course design, teachers, students and even YOU) will exceed your own expectations! And now, I feel so proud and happy to share this empowering yoga style and way of life with others.

—Tyree A.