Yoga for Hip Flexors


Here are a couple simple postures to help out your hip flexors! These are the big muscles at the front of your leg and hip that connect your femur to your spine. For lack of a better word, hip flexors tend to be jacked due to sitting and also, particularly relevant to belly dancers, they are held contracted because we tend to use a bent-knee posture a lot of the time. The knee down lunge (A) is a good one for stretching. (blanket under the knee for cushioning is nice!). The leg thing* (B) is good because it both gently stretches and gently strengthens the hip flexor, which in spite of being held contracted all the time is not actually strong. 

The snack at the end is optional but recommended! ­čśé

*I'm sure the leg thing has a Sanskrit name but I can't remember it right now. It's on Gary Kraftsow's Viniyoga for low back & hips DVD.

If you'd like a 20-30 minute practice with notes like above, custom designed for you, email me or get more details on my website.