I'm a yoga teacher not a doctor


This is your regularly scheduled reminder that if you ask me: "My x hurts. What yoga thing is good for that?" My answer will be, "I don't know. Have you seen a doctor?" I can't diagnose your thing. If you doctor tells you, oh you have a herniated disc, or oh, you have tendonitis or whatever, then I might be able to help you. Adapting yoga practices are my jam actually. I believe to the depth of my soul that we can figure something out that 1. you can do and 2. Will help you feel better in some way. But I can't diagnose your thing.
Version 2: "My x is tight. What should I do to stretch it?" Well then I'm going to ask you about a billion questions next, and there is a 90% chance I'm gonna refer you to a physical therapist because if you have something that feels chronically "tight" it's probably a signal of some kind of muscular or structural imbalance which, guess what, I can't diagnose your thing. I'll probably refer you to a PT and they will probably tell you not to stretch your thing and instead you'll have a bunch of boring stabilization exercises to do. That's how it goes. Stretching feels good because it has a temporary analgesic effect, but it isn't going to solve your chronic thing in the long run.
your yoga teacher

PS: If you want to get serious about figuring out what's going on in your body and how to tailor a practice to suit your needs, I'm available for one-on-one instruction. I still can't diagnose you though! 😉