Behind the Scenes Video: Yoga for Working Folks

Someone asked me how to share my process for how I design a practice, so I made a video of me designing a gentle class for working folks! If you're curious about how I plan a class, watch the whole video, or if you want to get straight to the practice, check out the image. I recommend about 5 repetitions of each posture in the practice, maybe staying in some poses for a few breaths towards the end.

Here's my general process:

  • Identify who I'm teaching and what kind of practice it is
  • Consider the students' needs based on their condition
  • Incorporate postures based on the above
  • Sequence the class for the intended result (in this case, better feeling body and overall reduced stress)

Enjoy! If you'd like me to custom design a yoga practice just for you, email me


Yoga for Workers.jpeg