Tips for yoga teachers: Yoga for knee and mobility issues

Knee problems are among the most common issues that come through the door in a yoga studio. If you are a teacher, here are few principles of adaptation that can help make your classes more accessible and enjoyable for people who may have mobility issues.

  • Minimize up and down off the floor. Instead, do the class in chunks such as standing, kneeling, prone, supine sitting. In addition to making the class easier for people who have a hard time transitioning from standing to sitting on the ground, it gives the class a more elegant flow.
  • Change relationship with gravity. This is often helpful for people with back problems as well. Sitting can cause unnecessary strain on the low back, and flipping the shape to laying on the back will provide the same effect with less strain.
  • Reduce Load. Doing something like bending a knee to reduce the amount of strength required to move the whole leg, or using a chair or wall for support instead of the floor to reduce the required effort to execute a movement.

Whether you are a teacher looking for guidance on how to better help your students, or a practitioner who needs help adapting a yoga practice, I can work one on one with you via Skype to troubleshoot your yoga practice. Email me and let me know how I can help you!