Top 3 Yoga Postures for Every Day

Whether you need a super short yoga break or you need some ideas for what to include in your yoga practice, here are the top 3 yoga postures I recommend for every day.


A simple backbend: Prone backbends, like this simple variation of salambhasana illustrated above, are great for strengthening the muscles of the low back, improving posture, and even reducing low back pain. Backbends are also energizing, so if you need a pick-me-up, backbends are a great choice!

A simple forward bend: In Viniyoga, forward bends are considered "the hub of the wheel," a place to always return. In this short practice, the simple forward bend compensates for the backbend, stretching the low back gently after exercising it. Doing a simple backbend BEFORE a forward bend also make forward bends more accessible if your back is very tight. The little bit of contract and release in the backbend will help encourage the muscles to relax more. Chakravakasana, moving in and out of child's pose or apanasana, bringing knees to chest while lying on the back, are both great choices. Pick your favorite!

A supine twist: Let's be real, this is on the list because it feels good! WHY does it feel good, though? It's an asymmetrical posture that stretches the muscles on the sides of the spine, as well as the outer hip, chest, shoulders, and neck. Because you're lying down, there's very little effort required and you can let gravity do most of the work.

After the twist, I recommend bringing your knees to your chest for a few breaths to stretch he low back symmetrically, then resting for a few breaths. Finally, sit up and notice the effects!

There are infinite variations on all the above postures! Need help figuring out exactly what's best for you? Book a private yoga session in person in Catonsville, MD or via Skype.