How to Draw Yoga Stick Figures Video

I'm so thrilled to announce my How to Draw Yoga Stick Figures Video Course! Yoga stick figures are a simple way to quickly communicate complex information about yoga practice. No artistic skills or prior drawing experience needed! Watch the trailer below and read on for more details or buy your download now!

Why learn how to draw yoga stick figures?

  • Have an easy reference for practicing or teaching a sequence of postures

  • Efficiently journal about your personal practice 

  • Record practices and gain understanding about them by observing the progression of the sequence
  • Give students a copy of the practice you taught

This online course includes 50 minutes of instruction and how-to:

  • Draw yoga stick figures step-by-step

  • Understand the system of drawing stick figures so you can draw ANY posture

  • Use individual stick figures to illustrate a complete yoga sequence
  • Indicate breath cues and transitions


  • A PDF copy of the sheets used in the video
  • Four worksheets to practice your stick figure drawing
  • Two additional complete yoga sequences
  • Links to purchase the tools mentioned in the video

Cost: $45


Email with link to download materials will be sent within 48 hours.

I am also available to teach this as a workshop for yoga teachers or as part of a sequencing module for yoga teacher training. Contact me for booking.