Updated 1:1 Offerings!

In the past year that I have been focused on offering one on one yoga instruction, I have learned a lot about what is most effective for my clients, and so I’ve updated my offerings to reflect what I’ve found works best.

My goal as a yoga teacher is to empower you to do your own yoga practice. I work with you to develop simple, effective yoga sequences that will fit in with your lifestyle, goals, and preferences.

So, I now offer these yoga practice packages to get you started! I can do this in person with you at Catonsville Counseling and Wellness or via Skype.

I now also offer Yoga Troubleshooting sessions! This option is ideal if you already have an established yoga practice or go to group classes regularly and you just need some questions answered! This is not a full guided practice, but rather an hour where you can get feedback on your alignment (“Am I doing this right?”), get help adapting yoga postures for injury or other conditions, or have a discussion about yoga philosophy or other topics that aren’t covered in group yoga classes.

Cost: $100/hr or $350/4
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I also offer mentoring for yoga teachers and one on one instruction in belly dance. All the details are on my website.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Happy Practicing!

Do you ever go to yoga class and wonder "Am I doing this right?" I now offer 1:1 yoga troubleshooting sessions specifically for answering all your random yoga questions!