YTT Week & 7-Day Guest Pass at Life Time

I'd like to invite you to give our yoga classes at Life Time Athletic in Columbia, MD a try! Just print out file attached below. Complete your name and start date and come play in our studio for a week!

February 1st through 7th is YTT Week at Life Power Yoga! Jessie & I will be available after every class to chat about our Yoga Teacher Training program. We'll have some other fun surprises all week long! Here's our schedule:

Monday 6 PM Hot Vinyasa with Flissy & Annica

Monday 7:30 PM Slow Burn with Flissy

Tuesday 6 PM Vinyasa Flow with Jessie

Wednesday 9:30 AM Yin & Med with Flissy

Wednesday 11 AM Hot Vinyasa with Jessie

Thursday 6 PM Vinyasa Flow with Flissy, Adrian & Tyree

Saturday 8:30 AM Hot Vinyasa with Jessie

Saturday 10 AM Vinyasa flow with Jessie


Favorite Things: Heal your body edition

So I'm over a year out of ankle surgery, yet I still suffer from stiffness, pain, and fatigue that radiates up the whole right side of my body. Besides that, physical activity of any kind means an ongoing cycle of breaking down and rebuilding of tissue, and that can be painful! Here are my favorite recovery tools for when my body has taken a beating:

*singing* These are a few of my favorite things!!! When your ankle hurts! When your back aches! when you're feeling bad...

*singing* These are a few of my favorite things!!! When your ankle hurts! When your back aches! when you're feeling bad...

  1. Biggs & Featherbelle Muscle Soak. My massage therapist is always talking about how awesome epsom salt baths are. Last time I saw him he asked me if I took baths, and for how long. My answer is "as often as possible and as long as possible." haha! This does the trick for relaxing muscles and relieving soreness and stiffness, also it has a wonderful herbal scent.
  2. Mio Workout Wonder - The aforementioned massage therapist used this on my sore leg and sold me on it. It has a blend of essential oils in it, and I'm not sure what else but it's is as wonderful as the name implies. I can smell and feel the peppermint oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties. I would say it is like a yogi's version of Ben Gay. Do they even make that stuff anymore?
  3. Badger Sore Muscle Rub - This stuff has saved myself from many belly dance workshops when I've been a little overzealous with the level changes. It has cayenne and ginger, which stimulates circulation to aid in muscle repair. As opposed to the workout wonder, it feels warming rather than cooling. Rub on quads after too many level changes, floor work, or squats, and  your legs will be able to see you up and down stairs another day.
  4. Cherapy pillow - My best friend in winter. It's a little pillow, sewn in three sections, filled with cherry pits. Toss it in the microwave for a minute or two and it holds warm, moist heat for hours. I use this on my ankle, which still gets stiff and achy a year after surgery, but it's shape makes it perfect to drape around neck and shoulders or pretty much anywhere.
  5. Therapy Ball - I have a pair of these from Yoga Tune-up, as well as The Roll Model by Jill Miller. Have I told you about how much I love fascia? These little guys bust up scar tissue and are essential for myofascial release for regular body maintenance.

Yin Yoga & Meditation

This year the club where I teach has a new inclement weather policy. We follow the public school system, so if there is a 2-hour delay or cancellation, my Yin Yoga & Meditation class is cancelled. Last year I swear it snowed every Tuesday night because Kallisti practice was cancelled and only a handful of brave souls would brave the roads for Yin on Wednesday morning. Hopefully we'll have better luck this year! But if not, it's super easy to do a yin practice at home, so I made a little video to help you out.

Yin yoga is a passive practice of long holds that allows you time to explore sensation and learn to relax more deeply. Yin also targets the fascia (connective tissue) by gently stressing it. This improves circulation and creates lasting improvements in flexibility.

In this video, we'll do cat-tail stretch and butterfly. I love cat-tail because it's a hip flexor/quad stretch, back bend, and twist all in one pose. Add a forward fold and you've got a well-rounded practice, and it only takes ten minutes. We'll wrap up with a supported savanna where you can hang out as long as you like. Enjoy!