Datura Style Belly Dance is a fusion belly dance style founded by world renowned dancer, Rachel Brice. Based on Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Approach to belly dance, Flissy’s Datura Style classes are focused on developing solid technique for belly dance in a supportive environment.

Photo by Stereo Vision Photography

Photo by Stereo Vision Photography

Weekly Classes

Wednesdays 6:30 PM, drop-ins welcome

Kelly's Herb House, 401 Headquarters Dr, Ste 102, Millersville, MD 21108

Datura Style Belly Dance Technique & Combos: Hip Up Study

September 4th - October 23rd

Practice technique for big beautiful hip movements. In this series, we’ll learn and practice the Datura Hip Up Study, a “technique choreography” that, when practiced regularly, will help you develop strong technique for hip bumps, shimmies and more. This technique study includes hip movements up and down, foot patterns and arm pathways. We’ll apply these technique skills to get you dancing some fun Datura style combinations. Bring finger cymbals if you have them! Open to all levels with lots of options provided so everyone can work at their own pace.

$105, 6-week session

Belly Dance Interval Drills

October 30th - November 20th

This series of classes uses Datura Style interval drills inspired by fitness training principles to build endurance for executing belly dance movements at various tempos. When you practice these drills consistently, your slow movements will get bigger and more expressive and your shimmies will get faster and more precise. Each week, we’ll focus on technique for a different direction of movement: twists, front to back, and side to side, then we’ll practice a combination that uses that movement. This class is appropriate for all levels of experience, including beginners. Drop-ins welcome!

$70, 4-week session

Datura Style Group Improvisation and Performance Skills

Wednesdays 7:30 PM, Kelly’s Herb House, Millersville, MD

Dancers will learn how to use the movements and steps learned in the Technique and Combos to dance in duets and groups improvisationally. This includes how to lead and follow movements, how to change group formations, and the principles of Datura Style group improvisation. Topics in costume, makeup, staging, crafting dance steps may be presented. Opportunities for performance are available and are optional. This is an ongoing class with a monthly fee. You must be enrolled in the Technique and Combos class to participate. All levels of experience welcome.

I open enrollment to this class to new students at the beginning of each session. CONTACT ME if you are interested in joining this class!

Download Performance Class Policies

General Class policies: No refunds. Make-up classes are available during the enrolled session only. In case of inclement weather or other emergencies, class cancellations will be posted via email to enrolled students, posted on this page and on Facebook.

Flissy with her Datura Style Performance Skills Class. Dancers are Flissy, Ce, Della, and Ni'Esha. Music: Smoke Signals by CloZinger

Flissy Teaching Belly Dance

One on One Belly Dance Sessions

A one hour in-person private belly dance class

$75/hr or $255/4-session package

You get:

  • Complementary introductory discussion to identify what you'd like to get out of your private class

  • Feedback on posture and execution of movements

  • Expertise in American Tribal Style® and Datura Style™ belly dance.

  • Specialized instruction in props including sword, basket, and finger cymbals, or other topics as desired.

  • Constructive, supportive feedback about artistry and musicality.

  • Help identifying specific goals and/or a dance practice plan, if desired.

  • Ongoing practice support via email when multiple sessions are booked.